Change the world, by Natsumi (Vegan Manga)

Title:  Change the World
Author: Natsumi
One shot, Full text
Language: English
Reading direction: Japanese
Format: A5, 144 pages.
Price: €20 VAT included
EAN: 9782490074860

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The Vegan Manga by Natsumi Finally Available in english

Également disponible en français : Changer le monde, de Natsumi !

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The Story of Daichi and Hana.

manga change de world, by natsumi

Daichi is a 5th-grade student who lives with his mother and spends his time between soccer, video games, and homework. One day, he wins a prize for a health support campaign thanks to a bowl of pork he had purchased. His prize turns out to be a talking piglet
named ‘Hana.’
« I’ve come to tell you an important story to change your future »
the mysterious animal then confides in him.

As the days go by, Daichi becomes fond of the little piglet and discovers, horrified, how our society exploits and tortures animals. Beyond reinventing his diet, it’s an entire philosophy that Daichi will embrace to no longer be complicit in these acts of cruelty, ultimately entirely avoidable.

Who is Natsumi ?

Natsumi is a manga artist in Japan and actively advocates for the animal rights cause. Being vegan since 2005, she is an organizer of meetings to expose the cruelty of slaughterhouses and intensive farming. Natsumi is the author of the first manga dedicated to Veganism.»

natsumi manga vegan

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